Private fans collection of Evgeniya Doremidova


Hand fan “Poppies for Yvette Guilbert”

The meeting of Napoleon III and Tsar Alexander II

Black bobbin lace fan with the cipher “MT” under royal crown, wedding gift to Maria Theresa of Bavaria, Archduchess of Habsburg Este (1849 – 1919).

Pair of advertising fans dedicated to XXII Olympic games in Moscow in 1980.

Saint – Cyr – Fan celebrating the Saint – Cyrian ball in 1912

Hand fan made for the Bal 09 February 1901 in Military School Saint Cyr by Duvelleroy.

Memorial fan leaf “Saint Petersburg 1897”

Hand fan “Fairy seated on a stalk of grass”

Hand fan “Insects, snails & flowers”

Hand fan – autograph

Hand fan with Assignats of French Republique

Hand fan “Old Paris”

Hand fan “Old Paris”

Hand fan “Candy store Siraudin”