Private fans collection of Evgeniya Doremidova

Amazing, printed fan with historical event known as “treaties of Tilsit”.

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On the paper printed leaf is caricature on meeting on a raft in the middle of the Neman River in July 1807 Napoleon I and Emperor of Russia Alexander I. On the right King of Prussia bow down before Napoleon. Under picture is written: The Emperor of Russia presenting King of Prussia to Napoleon the Great. Behind the raft on the right side Russian army camp and Kozak in a boat waiting for his Emperor and on the left French army camp and soldier in a boat waiting for Napoleon. In oval medallions – ode to Napoleon. The engraving was coloured confusing some historical details.

Wooden frame, France circa 1807.


It’s a big honour for me to join French association of fan lovers the “Fan Circle”! I am a 101st member and