Private fans collection of Evgeniya Doremidova

Ivory brise fan painted with floral motifs and curved

Bone brise fan in “neo-gothique”

Ivory brise fan “Forget-me-not”

Fan leaf project “Geranium”

Fan project “Chrysanthemums and butterflies”

Fan leaf project “Small white mousses in a grass near a Castle”

Ivory brise fan “Portrait of Russian Empress Catherine II”

Ivory brise fan with the portrait of Russian Emperor Peter I

Hand fan “Pleasures of outdoor activities”

Lace fantasy hand fan

Point de gauze lace fan “Chrysanthemums”

Hand fan with Brussel bobbin lace leaf, in the centre with needle lace.

Folded lace fan “Gauze and silver filigree”

Hand fan “Poppies for Yvette Guilbert”

Advertising fan of operetta “Mousme” in theatre Michel in Paris.

Advertising fan with images of violets.

Advertising fan in a shape of anemone flower.

Advertising fan of department store Louvre

Advertising fan “Paris Fan Museum. Atelier Anne Hoguet”

Advertising fan of Restaurant Royal in Hague

Advertising fan “Circus. Pierrot dog”

Advertising fan “Circus”

Hand fan “The birth and triumph of Love”

Folded fan “Young girls in a garden”

Hand fan “Sea gull”

The meeting of Napoleon III and Tsar Alexander II

Black bobbin lace fan with the cipher “MT” under royal crown, wedding gift to Maria Theresa of Bavaria, Archduchess of Habsburg Este (1849 – 1919).

Paper fan leaf printed in workshop Duvelleroy, signed on the left “Duvelleroy 1867”

Fan project “The happy harvest”

Lace hand fan

Brise hand fan type “Vernis Martin” “Gallantry”

Hand fan “Poppies”

Hand fan “The Judgment of Solomon”

Pair of advertising fans dedicated to XXII Olympic games in Moscow in 1980.

Hand fan “Crane, two birds and butterfly in bushes of irises”

Propaganda fan during the first Japan – China war 1894-1895

Hand fan “La Cigale et la Fourmi”

Advertising fan of restaurant Meerrust in Warmond Holland

Advertising fan of Champagne Alaya

Advertising fan of workshop of Parisian fan maker Ernest Kees.